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Tantramassage-Education – Modul 1 „Basic-Seminar“

Tantramassage-Education – Modul 1 „Basic-Seminar“

Tantramassage-Education – Modul 1 „Basic-Seminar“

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Basic course – introduction to the sensual holistic art of touch

This art of touch is a sensual, profound massage that touches people holistically. It is based on Tantra teachings, which naturally incorporate sensuality and sexuality on the spiritual path in order to promote inner growth. This massage therefore goes far beyond the physical and opens up a space for transformation on all levels.

In the basic course, we teach this art of touch in a natural way: Playful, adventurous, curious and humorous. In a protected environment, you will experience closeness and sensuality intensively and directly through competent, attentive and loving guidance.

In a group of like-minded people, you develop your sensual talents through the giving and receiving roles.

This basic seminar is aimed at beginners as well as professional masseurs and takes place in a mixed group of professionally ambitious and/or personally interested participants. All genders are welcome. We strive to achieve as balanced a gender ratio as possible.

The sensual and holistic art of touch

The touch ritual that we teach is characterized by the Yin Yang principle and the flowing elements: light and powerful touches alternate, fast and slow, movement and stillness. In the basic course, a fixed structure is first learned, which is broken up again in the subsequent seminars through intuition, in order to incorporate more play and improvisation into the ritual. The entire body is included in the massage, accepted, massaged and honored. This art of massage awakens the senses, activates the life energy and brings it into balance. From this relaxed state, a deep, sensual pleasure can arise and flow through the person holistically.

In the 6 days of the basic course you will learn the entire massage structure.

The basic course covers the following topics:

  • My body image – relationship to my own body
  • Boundaries – dealing with boundaries
  • Systematic positioning of certain parts/topics
  • The holistic touch
  • „(IN) contact (BEING)“ – How do I make contact?
  • Learning the basic structure of the holistic sensual touch ritual
  • Honoring female and male sexuality
  • Brief introduction to the theory and demonstration of yoni and lingam massage
  • Physical and breathing exercises, meditation and dance
  • Sharing – personal and process-oriented sharing of the participants

Participation in the basic course is a prerequisite for the other advanced seminars of the tantric massage training. All genders are welcome.

Further information:

Seminar fees: 850.00 euros per person

Overnight stay: 25.00 euros per person/night in the practice

Catering: self-catering, the practice kitchen can be used. Snacks/drinks included.

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Date And Time

17-09-2024 @ 10:00 to
22-09-2024 @ 17:00


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